Message from the National Governors’ Association President

Welcome to the National Governors’ Association Website. My name is Keiji Yamada and I am the National Governors’ Association President.


Since this association was established in 1947, we have felt a very strong duty and responsibility as governors to protect all of the residents in our respective areas. We have been able to utilize the “Forum for Consultations between the National and Regional Governments” to submit recommendations and proposals for national policies related to the everyday activities of our residents.

In addition to these types of activities, the National Governors’ Association represents an assembly of different regions that offer unique features. As a result, we are actively engaged in promoting the autonomy of local governments, such as submitting our own grand design proposals to revitalize Japan.

Furthermore, we set up the “Advanced Policy Databank” so that this association could introduce effective policy measures in each prefecture and be able to further develop them throughout Japan. Moreover, our website also offers resources such as reports from experts so that the prefectures can use them as a reference as the need arises when drafting policy measures.

We are faced with a variety of issues that include hastening our recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and taking measures to prepare our country for the Nankai Trough Earthquake; but an issue we can no longer ignore for the sake of our country’s future is that of declining population and birth rates.

In order to make a breakthrough in this area, we declared a “Population Decline State of Emergency” in July and positioned ourselves to begin taking drastic measures against declining birth rates. If we start dealing with this problem right now, we still might be able to alter our future course.

The National Governors’ Association will not only be making proposals to the national government. It will also provide greater reinforcement of the independent efforts of each prefecture, working hand-in-hand with municipalities as we devote all our strength toward revitalizing our communities, beginning with measures to prevent declining birth rates.

Keiji Yamada

Keiji Yamada